Eyelid Surgery – How To Prepare For The Surgery

You don’t simply walk in, say you need upper or lower eyelid surgeries and have them all done on the same date. You still need to do some preparation before you can correct puffy or sagging eyes. Choose your surgeon wisely. It is important that your surgeon be certified. Ask him about his experiences with such procedures. See his before and afterwards photos. Continue looking for someone else if the surgeon says he has an opening today and you want to ask about eyelid surgery. Be sure to inspect the facility. It should be clean and safe. Smokers should stop smoking two to three weeks before their eyelid surgery. Don’t consume any alcohol in the days or weeks leading up to the procedure. These activities interfere with your body’s capacity to heal rapidly and correctly after the surgery. These are standard pre-op directions. You should also follow any instructions your surgeon may give you.

For at least 4 consecutive days, you should cancel your work or school commitments. As eyelid surgery requires minimally invasive techniques, you may be able to have the procedure done on a Thursday and be at work by Monday. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can return to normal activities. You will still need to rest up for two weeks. This is why it’s important that someone picks you up following the procedure. Even if only under local anesthesia, you’ll still be mildly sedated and groggy after the procedure. Make sure you have someone to help out at least on the first day.

Be prepared that your plastic surgery may suggest more than one procedure to achieve the result you want. It is possible that you will also require a browlift to achieve the best result. This is not uncommon and it does not impact your recovery. Combination procedures are now easier to perform with endoscopic brow lifting. You need to have realistic goals when you go in. Plastic surgeons can rejuvenate you face by removing the excess skin and tissues around your eyes which give you a tired, aged appearance. You can’t look young when you’re really 60. They can’t make a person look like a Hollywood star. What they can achieve is that you will look as good as you possibly can.