Do they Sell Honest Vehicles When Selling Buy Here Pay Now Sales Reps?

The Buy Here Pay Now Dealers spend a lot of time and effort on advertising to get customers to come to their location. All efforts may be wasted if a salesperson lacks the necessary training and is unable to deal with clients who are interested. Customers are often put off by salespeople who lie to them. Check out these things. How does buy here pay here financing work?


Reps are trained not to lie. It can sometimes be difficult to believe because they often lie as well. Let’s take, for example, a car that is a nice red but has many scratches on the paint. A salesperson might tell you that “This car looks cool and can make you look good in front of your friends” if they want you to purchase it. If the salesperson is trying to get you out of the vehicle and look for other choices, they might tell you, “This car would make you feel bad in front of your friends!” The salesperson didn’t lie in either case! They were actually using emotional propaganda in order to convince you of their ideas. The first quote emphasizes how awesome the color red looks while the second quote emphasizes the annoying scratches. You need to think about the facts without getting emotional so you can come up with your own informed decisions.


Some reps are untrained, and they are bad apples who ruin everyone’s reputation by lying. It happens most often when they are aware of a negative fact and claim to be unaware. They might, for example, know the car was involved in an accident. When asked if they know if the vehicle was involved in an accident before, the representative might reply, “We don’t have the records of these vehicles so we cannot say with certainty.” The representative may not believe that this is a falsehood because he might not have the history of the vehicle, but it’s not fair to play with customers.

Customers should be human lie detectors and try to detect the representative’s lies. When people lie, for example, they can dry out their mouths and their tongues. The sudden drop in moisture levels is countered with an increase in moisture elsewhere. The forehead usually sweats and the skin around the nose, back of neck, and tip of the head itch from excess moisture. Eyes also experience more moisture, which increases blinking, while the fingers have noticeable moisture on them. These signs will help you to tell if the representative is being honest or bluffing.

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